How to find a real estate agency in Spain

Tips to picking a real estate agency in Spain

Finding a real estate agency in Spain is relatively simple. In 2016, the Spanish sector containing real estate advisors and agencies grew by 18%, having registered 46,000 businesses that carry out real estate activities on behalf of third parties in January of that year.

  1. While realty is currently a deregulated profession in Spain, it is advisable to work only with those real estate agencies or agents that are registered with the Official College of Real Estate Agents (Colegio Oficial de Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria). These agencies tend to have commercial premises on main streets, personal business websites, in addition to including their logo on the signs posted in the properties they have for sale and on the real estate sites where they advertise.

  2. The first contact with a real estate agency should be face-to-face, if possible, since the designated agent will use the first interview to evaluate the buyer, and to create a buyer profile by collecting all of the facts that they consider necessary to clearly understand the needs of the buyer in their future home.

  3. It is not necessary to resort to a real estate agency to buy or sell a house in Spain. The transaction can be made directly between the buyer and seller, with the two carrying out the relevant procedures between them. However, in going through an agency, the foreign buyer will not have to bother with practically any of the required bureaucratic procedures.

  1. Agencies showcasing their properties on are used to work with international property buyers and can advise on each step of property purchase. Also some of them have lawyers in staff who can guide you throughout the process.

Unfortunately, local real estate agencies, those that are not located in large cities or in the coastal areas that have amount of foreign demand such as the British presence in Andalucía and Valencia, are unaccustomed to speaking in languages other than Spanish, and are also not specialized in advising foreigners. International real estate agencies that post their listings in tend to operate worldwide with know-how that can be more beneficial to foreign buyers.

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Why you need a real estate agent

А real estate agent will be in charge of:

  1. Verifying the terms of the private sale contract.

  2. Completing the procedures for obtaining a NIE.

  3. Arranging the signature of the public deed with the notary.

  4. Transferring other bureaucratic procedures to their own lawyers or trusted administrators.

  5. Having any document that the buyer needs to provide translated into Spanish.

Remember that foreigners make up about 20% of the total real estate market, so in the coming years real estate agencies are expected to adapt themselves more to foreign buyers, in terms of offering specialized service packages attuned to their needs.