What is the average cost of living in Spain?

Cost of living in different regions of Spain

For the purpose of analyzing the cost of living in Spain, the country should be geographically divided into two parts: the north and the south. According to a 2016 Expatistan ranking, the most expensive Spanish cities to live in are Vitoria, San Sebastián, Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao, and Marbella, while at the bottom of the list are Salamanca, Albacete, Badajoz, Huelva, Sevilla, and Cádiz. This geographical division applies equally to the average income of Spanish households. If the average income for Spain stands at 24,360 euros per year, San Sebastián leads the way with 30,550 euros in average annual income and Córdoba closes the list with 19,685 euros in average annual income.

When buying a house, Barcelona is the most expensive city followed by San Sebastián and Madrid, while the cheapest housing can be found in Cáceres, Badajoz, and Ciudad Real. When looking at the price of rentals, the positions move little, with the most expensive rent found in Barcelona, Madrid, and San Sebastián and the least expensive in Lugo, Orense, and Cáceres.

Housing price (€/sqm)
Rental price (€/sqm)

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According to statistics provided by Numbeo and Eurostat, the average cost of living in Spain is 818 euros per month. Comparing this with the 920 euro monthly average found in the rest of the European countries analyzed, we can say that Spain is one of the cheapest European countries to live in. In fact, it is 20.28% cheaper to live in Spain than Germany, and 23.86% cheaper than living in the United Kingdom. If we compare the cost of living in Spain with that of living in the US, life in Spain is 17.06% cheaper. The following table compares the price of living in Spain against neighboring European countries:

SpainThe United KingdomGermany
Average monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment€791 71€1 190,43€1 113,08
Price per square meter for an apartment in the city center€2 531,77€4 456,34€4 216,45
Average net monthly salary€1 287,17€1 967,43€2 201,48
Basic monthly utilities for an 85 square meter apartment€111 95€158 27€211 90
Monthly internet bill€36,21€27,23€26,14
One-month public transport pass€42€67,40€69
One cinema ticket€8€11,23€10