INR 21,475,853

AUD 395,000


Building land • 20000 m²

An opportunity of a lifetime awaits you! This is your chance to own a huge 2 Hectare parcel of land (approx. 5 acres) off the beautiful South Pacific Ocean on the tropical island-country of Vanuatu!

With turquoise seas and white sandy beaches, this amazingly beautiful location could offer you the change of pace and island lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of! Build your new home here as a holiday getaway, an investment property or there could be other perks such as Vanuatu permanent residency. Ask agent Roelien for more details!

Located in the village of Luganville on Santo Island, on the South-East corner of Vanuatu, you can enjoy island fishing, swimming holes and a close by recreation area with restaurant.

With a warm tropical climate and sea temperatures between 22 to 28 degrees all year around, take yourself to paradise and away from the hustle and bustle of city life!

Flights from Brisbane to Vanuatu are under 3 hours across the Coral Sea to Vanuatu.

Features include

  • 2 Hectare parcel of land (approx. 5 acres)
  • Amazingly beautiful South Pacific Island location
  • In the village of Luganville on Santo Island, S.E. corner of Vanuatu
  • Turquoise seas and sandy beaches
  • Enjoy island fishing and swimming hole
  • Located close to recreation area and restaurant
  • Warm Tropical climate
  • Sea temperatures 22-28 degrees all year around
  • Just a 3 hour flight from Brisbane

Other benefits:

Vanuatu is seen as a tax haven. From a tax perspective the most tangible benefits are no corporate tax, no income tax, no capital gains tax, no estate tax, no wealth tax, no withholding tax, no gift tax and no other personal income tax. The only tax in Vanuatu is VAT on goods and services, which currently is 15%

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership of a property in Vanuatu. There is also no obligation by foreign owners to spend any time residing in Vanuatu.

Property ownership is registered as a leasehold title at the Vanuatu Land Records Office. Leasehold titles are normally 50 or 75 years and is not automatically extended to the full term when ownership changes. Leases can be extended by paying a premium to increase it to the maximum term again.

Typically a transaction to buy a property can take between 1 and 3 months, depending on the conditions to the contract.

Buyers Settlement Costs:

  • 2 % stamp duty payable to the Vanuatu Government
  • 5% title transfer registration payable to the Vanuatu Government
  • If the buyer is purchasing an existing company then the stamp duty is 4% and there is no title transfer registration fee payable as only the share in the lessee company is transferred, not the title itself.


Living20000 m²
Land20000 m²